Name Alexander Picolin
Day of birth 23 July 1982
Place of birth Georgsmarien-Hütte (near Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany)
Place of domicil Niederkassel (near Cologne, North Rhine-Westpfahlia, Germany)
Career since April 2003 student at the university of Bonn
since May 2007 graduand at the university of Cologne
March 2005 until April 2007 Projector Coordinator (Historical Results Database) for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in Bonn
since May 2007 consultant in results database issues
Marital status unmarried
Background After the visit of the local primary school in Niederkassel Lülsdorf from 1989 to 1993 I went to the grammar school of the Collegium Josephinum Bonn. In 2002 I have achieved the general qualification for university entrance, in the same year I have simultaneously visited two basic lectures of mathematics within the support programm "Fördern, Fordern, Forschen" of the university of Bonn and have already achieved a certificate ("Schein"). From summer 2002 to spring 2003 I have completed my alternative civilian service for an ambulate nursing service of the German Red Cross and begun seamlessly the studium of physics in April 2003. Since 15 May 2007 I serve as graduate in a workgroup at the university of Cologne so that my studies are finished in the middle of May 2008.
From March 2005 to April 2007 I was employed in a second job as project coordinator for the International Paralympic Commmittee (IPC), its headquarters is located in Bonn. Based on my private interests in Olympic and Paralympic Games I have applied for a job there to update and correct the wrong and fragmentary results at that time, the only results about the Paralympics in the Internet. Since March 2005 I am working on the IPC Historical Results Database, which not only shows all medallists, but also all results of Paralympic Games with some more search features. Furthermore, I am at the IPC's disposal as a kind of consultant.


The information of this website are based on data and textes of the following literature

a) Olympische Sommerspiele - Die Chronik I-IV - by Volker Kluge, Berlin, 1997-2001
b) Olympische Winterspiele - Die Chronik - by Volker Kluge, Berlin, 1999
c) 100 Jahre Olympische Spiele - Idee, Analyse, Bilanz - by Karl Adolf Scherer, Dortmund 1995
d) Lexikon der Olympischen Spiele - Multimedia CD-ROM für PC - published by the IOC, Frankfurt 1998
e) Brockhaus Enzyklopädie - Leipzig-Mannheim 1998

Since the top-called sources cover only the games until 1996, the following volumes has been used

f) Olympische Sommerspiele Atlanta '96 - Publisher: Gerd Rubenbauer, Gütersloh, Munich 1998
g) Olympische Winterspiele Nagano 98 - Publisher: Sven Simon, Munich 1998
h) Sydney 2000 - Publisher: Rudi Cerne, Berlin 2000
i) Olympische Spiele Sydney 2000 - Publisher: Werner Rudi, K÷ln 2000
j) Salt Lake City 2002 - Unser Olympiabuch - by Katarina Witt and Heinz Florian Oertel, Berlin, 2002

Since the Games of Athens 2004 the official websites are of large use for the results.
Note: This is not an official server by the International Olympic or Paralympic Committee. No guarantee for the correctness of data. All trade marks are property of the owners. The extern links inserted into the menu "sitemap" are composed on 18 February 2007 and provide as further information for readers interested in Olympic and/or Paralympic sports.